Tool Snobs Out There?

I’m a self-admitted yarn snob and am a sort of knitting needle snob. I adore my Addis – the good ole “stumpos”, Chiaogoo or CP bamboos and KP Karbonz. I will use wooden needles if I think the fibre needs it and I keep my old Aeros and Pryms because they are what I learned with. Not to mention some are my Grandma Tupper’s and I’m sure I may have “teethed” on some of them!

Something unexpected is that I’m discovering preferences in crochet hooks. I do a fair bit of crochet but definitely more knitting. My desire to expand the patterns that I design where I combine both arts into a project has me hooking more than ever. I learned to crochet on Aeros and probably some Pryms. Again, it’s what my Grandma used and she taught me to knit and crochet when I was still in Kindergarten. A few years ago, I began using Clover gold hooks, as the grip felt a little more comfortable when I would hook for long periods of time.

What a surprise to pick up my Tulip Etimo, a hook I’d purchased on a whim and find that yes, different hooks do make a difference!

I did not know that there were considerations like: inline, throat depth, head shape, shaft length – and this post just suddenly became “R” rated! The Etimo is slightly more inline than the Clover and it makes a huge difference in my speed and accuracy. I was actually amazed. I have small hands, fairly severe arthritis and Carpal (and I refuse to give in!) so on this score again, the Etimo is a win for me.

I have three Tulips and I’m moving them to regular rotation and keeping my Clovers for when I take projects out and won’t be devastated by a lost hook. Not sure why I was keeping the Etimos “for good”. They are more expensive, about double the price of Clovers but given that hooks pretty much last a lifetime, it’s money well spent. Not to mention, Joanne’s has a 20% off sale on until tomorrow!

Just thought I’d share my thoughts on this and feel free to chime in if you have any favourite tools in your tool kit!

Down The Garden Path

I’ve another shawl on the go and really enjoying this one.

It’s crochet and a pattern that caught my eye some time ago. “Garden Path” by Lily Go. This is one of those patterns that I think will do a lot to improve die-hard knitters opinion of crochet. Lily’s patterns are incredibly well written for both the chart and the written instruction fans.

It’s fine, light and at first glance, resembles the traditional knitted shawls that so many of us love. I’m working it in Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18, a beautiful 2-ply lace and it’s one from the stash. I’m using it single strand and not doubled as the pattern calls for, so have downsized my hook.

Loving the Tulip Etimo hooks! All the comfort of good ole reliable Clovers but with a slimmer shape that works with my “delicate” hands ;).

Crochet in Zephyr merino tussah silk laceweight.

Crochet in Zephyr merino tussah silk laceweight.

Rows of double picot flowers between filet crochet pathways.

Rows of double picot flowers between filet crochet pathways.

“Knit Night” happened at my place again yesterday evening with my BFF and I managed to get to the 17th row of this, in between talking. Last Tuesday was the official reinstatement of Knit Night – fondly known as “Stitch ‘N Bitch” in my neck of the woods – how could I refuse a request from DD to learn how to crochet? 🙂

I lucked out on a Verdant Gryphon shop update and snagged a couple skeins of “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” colourway on the Codex base – how apropos!

Hoping to have it soon to share a little Yarn Pr0n!