All In The Details ~ Seaming Knits

The week got away from me! Mind, some may be glad that The Squirrel Monkey paused for a blogging breath 🙂

I stumbled over this tutorial for seaming and I love it. The technique is one I’ve used “by accident” when I was a beginner knitter, simply because it made sense (having learned crochet at the same time). This is beautifully illustrated through the original post too, as the picture below.

Click the photo to take you to the full post. Enjoy!

Seaming Details from Anonyknits

Come together – Joining Tutorial

I need to seam a piece in pattern, lace pattern and although Kitchener stitch is great for some things, I wanted to be sure that the beauty of the lace isn’t detracted from by stitches that don’t quite match.

This is a great tutorial for the basic Kitchener. I find I have to review it every time I use it. 1000 pairs of socks later and still, it won’t stick in my memory.

The best resource I found for grafting in pattern is this one from Knitting Daily (in two parts):

For the lace joins, I think this is brilliant!