Not So Swift?

I saw a post on Instagram that caught my eye. A newbie to skeins, as opposed to commercial yarn balls, asked an Indie dyer if winding a skein into a cake was necessary before beginning to knit.

Confession? I’ve been in such a rush to start a project that I have sometimes knit right from the skein. I always want to put myself in a corner at some point before that skein is all knit up!

The discussion continued, as the newbie didn’t know how to cake yarn, what a swift was or what she could use in its place as she didn’t own one. I decided to post my own swift hack on Instagram and Pinterest because I don’t own a swift either! I have something that works great for me, is super cheap, easy to put together and ‘green’. Picture follows with the blurb I posted with it. Pretty straightforward assembly and it puts zero stress on the yarn – one reason why some Indie dyers advise winding by hand v. a swift / winder combo.

“No ‪#‎swift‬? No problem!
KeiB’s ‪#‎diy‬ swift solution. These ‪#‎upcycled‬ coffee jars work great and don’t require rearranging furniture or introducing your partner to ‪#‎bfl‬ bondage wink emoticon. Get fancy with ‪#‎acrylicwater‬ to anchor the contents and ‪#‎sculpey‬ or ‪#‎fimo‬ to dress up and disguise the lids. ‪#‎knittersofinstagram‬ ‪#‎keibdesigns‬‪#‎crochetersofinstagram‬ ‪#‎instaknit‬ ‪#‎lifehacks‬ ‪#‎skeins‬ to cakes – buy yarn not gadgets 😄 💕 ‪#‎keibonravelry‬

Upcycles and Crafting Wins

There’s nothing like an impending move to put a burr under the saddle!

I started one of these projects several months ago and because I’m the Queen of Procrastination, just never bothered to finish. Today, I looked at all that I’ll need to pack and move and it just made sense to finish a few things, ie: make one item of many bits.

This was mostly my plan to protect my Ikea furniture. If you have Ikea, you know they use a lot of soft woods in their products and that these items will mar if you even look at them funny. I have a dresser, a chest of drawers and two night stands; all of which have “stuff” on them and so, I wanted to be sure that I didn’t wind up with a lot of scratches and gouges due to simply dropping a tissue on a night stand.

To that end, I bought and recycled some super inexpensive frames, purchased some moderately priced designer fabric (’cause as a Sewer, I’m as much a fabric snob as I am a yarn snob) and with the application of some silicon feet on the backs, have some lovely and decorative tray / protector / memory keeper creations. The second one uses the gorgeous handmade paper that I picked up at Wallack’s, this one is my favourite. Diggin’ that a memory frame already holds a precious memory of first dates, good beginnings and dreams to come…

Here’s how they turned out (details are on my Flickr page here):


Brilliant Crochet Idea

This is done with crocheted doilies but I think the look could be duplicated with a hook and some crochet thread if you wanted a different colour.

I could see doing this in black on a few pairs of beloved jeans. Great idea!

Doily Denim 2 Doily Denim 1

There are more photos and a tutorial here on Sans Limites blog. She has many patterns and ideas that are cute, fast and not even a little bit “Granny”. 🙂