Calling It For An FO

I have half a pair of each project finished as of yesterday. Called it for a pair :). The mates for each are already in progress after a super productive get together with my BFF on Saturday. There is nothing like a sleepover, cider and knitting to solve all the problems of the world. Except for boys. Boys defy all reason at the moment and… they interfere with knitting.

One of these things is not like the other...

One of these things is not like the other…

And… also progressing well is the medium length, colour reverse version of Undulation. I think I may still have leftovers of the Cascade when this one is cast off. Great mileage in this yarn.

Halfway finished.

Halfway finished.

The tail end of Christmas shopping Saturday and some very successful thrifting Sunday at Value Village rounded out a perfect weekend. I wish they could be just one day longer but back to the grind today.

Hope your Monday treats you well, cheers! 🙂

Beware The Moor(land)

I couldn’t resist the call, my Moorland Cardigan is most persuasive. I think it’s the yarn. Like kitten fur and the soothing blue.


Not the best lighting at 5:30 in the morning but here in the wilds of the “Frozen North”, we are already on Daylight Savings Time and I’ll be stuck at work during the sunshiney hours for the next couple months! I’ve made it to the armhole shaping and happy that my tension doesn’t appear to have changed since I last picked this up. Two years is a long time to be in WIP purgatory 🙂

WIP Taming

Moving is such a great opportunity to go through one’s belongings. No less so for one’s collections, hobby stuff; all those things that take up so much space and seem to multiply when you aren’t looking!

I have a formidable stash – SABLE – does not even remotely do it justice. I am also ADD – ha! two labels in one paragraph – and have the WIP’s to show for that. Throw in a “I’m a Designer, I need good materials to work with” attitude and… Stash gone wild!

During the packing, it was easy to ignore. Pick up squishy things, fling into boxes but the unpacking has been a wake up call.

MUST get the yarn knit. MUST finish the UFO’s.

Well that's ONE way to get 'em all done :)

Well that’s ONE way to get ’em all done 🙂

It is a little daunting to see how much has accumulated over the years and so… My next challenge to self is to pick any WIP and finish it. Just one. One little tiny WIP. I don’t want to tick off my inner teenager.

I’ve picked – mostly because it was on top of the box – an afghan that I started for my DS (see yarn jargon page) about… well, a few years ago. It may even be a “pre-blog”, if I can find any of the project notes that go with it. Fortunately, returning to it won’t be hard, its an old Paton’s pattern, beloved by many, “Rippling Waves” and I think with a little due diligence, I can have it done for him by month’s end.

I’ll post a photo with this shortly. Outing a WIP should be sufficient “goose” to finally finish it!