Yummy… And 0 Calories!

Took forever, but well worth it. My “Strawberry Cheesecake” scarf is finally finished.

I love “duets” yarn and this was designed in the original DK weight (it’s my “Warrick” scarf reworked at a different gauge). I like the complimentary colours but contrasting would be gorgeous too.

This worked up to six feet total length, with enough left over for gloves or mitts :). Good thing it’s finished ’cause it’s getting to that kind of temperatures here in Ottawa!

Sock clubs that arrived this month are: Scout’s Swag, Skitches, Wool Girl and Yarn Pirate…

I will be cutting down on sock clubs in the New Year – I can’t believe how quickly it piles up!

Have you checked out the new PSPRP tee shirt? Here is a link to the artwork if you can’t see it well in the Cafe Press pictures: PSPRP Shop

Before Another Month Slips By…


Have an FO I can show finally (still waiting for news about the “Secrect Knitting” finished earlier this summer). So, here is my “Curvy”. I’ve already decided to do a slight mod to the collar, so won’t show a modeled photo yet, although I can say it fits really well and I love it even without the mod.


My Christmas knitting is progressing well, that commute really is good for some things. The first scarf is a row or two from done after a week.

Above are some of the goodies that came to visit this week. My next project “Chrysalis” by Jean Moss in Artesano “Hummingbird”, my August installment of the Wool Girl Sock Club and my goodies from an irresistible sale at Wool Girl…

Did I mention that I HATE!! the new version of Facebook? If you do too and want a choice, here’s a link to an online petition to keep the clean, easy-to-use “old” Facebook: http://www.petitiononline.com/ada4305/petition.html

Need… Sleep…

I know, it’s been forever. My graphic designer has been on strike (don’t worry, she won’t be grounded long). So without fancy graphics but still kinda cute – Japanese Lanterns Socks is now available for sale on Ravelry (here too, just not tonight).

I’ll ETA this post tomorah….

… And – we’re back :)! This pattern will also be available on my pattern page here, for any Non-Ravelers.

Again, the weekend felt so short – maybe ’cause we have so much to cram in during the summer days. I love gardening almost as much as knitting and it can be a tough call what wins!

I’ve been working exclusively on my Secret Knitting – love what I’m working on, love the yarn – have had one or two (!) moments – had to relearn a special cast-on – so glad I did, it will be making an appearance in my next sweater design. Unfortunately, this meant my sockies are waiting until the end of the week for attention. Heck! I even took my SK to the spa on Saturday – it is a rather “Zen” thing to do :).

I did get a couple of my sock clubs in just lately: Scout’s Swag, dkKnits, Yarn Pirate, think that’s it. Wait! There was also Wool Girl and Sundara.

Vacation is coming up soon – can’t wait :)! Trips with Hubby, kids too – if we can pin them down and lot’s of knitting – I have so-o-o many WIP’s that have to be gone… In the meantime, back to the SK, at the home stretch now!

Hm-m-m… No Knitting, What To Tell?


Well, there is my Hello Kitty sock club kit from Wool Girl :). Did I mention how much I love Hello Kitty? She showed up in Canada when I was about 13 and “smitten kitten” would be VERY appropriate for my reaction. Still is, much to darling daughters chagrin. I see absolutely no reason whatsoever to stop loving the things I do just ’cause someone later in the generational drift discovered it ;p!

I started my Mad-tini With A Twist for my commute project. Using my Yarn Pirate “Patina”, it was just too pretty to resist and I love how it’s working up in this pattern.

I splurged on a “Totally Karin” sock bag from Punky on Etsy – is this not the best fabric. And I’ll say it again (maybe they’ll hear) this would make the best pair of high-top Chucks on the planet! June’s dkKnits Sock Club arrived this week. The colour is “Kassius Karin” with a multi-jewel coordinate. All our unique club colours are going to compliment the June Flutterby KAL that Becky has going on – I love mine :)!

Looks More Like A DaquiriKassius Karin
You Can Style The Girl Out Of The Punk, But You'll Never Get The Punk Out Of The Girl
I fibbed – there IS knitting. Well, crochet actually…. Jewel Box Scarf is done, bejeweled and ready for wearing. Worked in dkKnits merino / tencel with Swarovski beads (they have a proper name – threw out the packages, oops). This will be a freebie pattern on Ravelry soon. Japanese Lanterns should be available shortly – just waiting on the artwork to be finished to add into the PDF and that will be available for sale on Rav. And you’ll have to take my word for it, the “Secret Knitting” is progressing well. I had some doubts about it but to date, no worries and about 40% of the way there.

And The Jewels So DO Match Perfectly

A Few Yarny Things

Making a little progress here and there. Here’s my “Weekend Jacket” from Interweave Crochet. I splurged and bought the Rowan Cashcotton called for, and am in love. I rarely knit with cottons anymore – hurts my hands – but have had good luck with blends. This one is particularly nice, cotton / angora / cashmere, very luxe:)!

So if I mess up this jacket, I will cry…. So far, so good, hoping to have all three pieces finished by tonight – it’s just the armhole shaping that needs doing.

I finished up the variation on “Porthole Rib” and am counting it for May’s SAM5 KAL. Can’t believe I was finished this early in the month – of course now, I’m jinxed! I’m finally getting the third and final version of Graphic Designer Scarf up for sale on Ravelry. Really happy to have this done – had a bit of a “stall out” with the writing bit – well, misplacing my notes didn’t help either :)!

My 2nd installment of the Wool Girl club arrived and it is beautiful – the yarn is so gorgeous, think I’ll buy more for a sweater. My first Scout’s Swag arrived too – very cool colours in this skein – it may need a unique pattern.

That’s it for now, have a good rest of your weekend!