I Have A Blog?

Finished Flutter Scarf Correct Colour

Finished Skye Scarf

Finished I Dreamed Of Africa Unblocked

Finished up a few things… Have started some older (mouldy) WIP’s over again. Some are getting a total makeover and hopefully will be done soon. I AM rather underwhelmed with the many things that are lurking around on the needles.

The cure for that? Start something new and buy more yarn! Will cast on for “Moth Orchid Shawl” tonight and am debating if I want to rewrite the “Heather Hoodie Vest” for worsted – bulky bulks me up. And not in a good way.

Some gorgeous yarn club deliveries from July. The Embrace The Lace shipment is amazing!

ETA: First release in the “Dance!” sock series is available here. This is the second in the 3 part series, the first will be more widely available soon. Thanks for looking.

Happy Beltane, Calan Mai !

KB Designs New Scarf Progress 1 KB Designs New Scarf Progress No name yet scarf

Working away on several projects. This one is resurrected. The original stitch I chose just didn’t show off this gorgeous handspun at all, so it sat in the basket. I think I’ve found something that works a little better and it’s getting lots of love as my “Commute” project. The second photo is the best representation of the colour.

I have a new sock design in the works. I’m really enjoying working on it and looking forward to getting it written up. The yarn is DkKnits “Special Occasion” and it is fabulous to knit with, a little silk and silver never hurt anyone :).

The April Sock clubs have mostly arrived, the Wool Girl April is gorgeous as always and my Yarn Pirate – yummy! (you’ll have to take my word until I have a photo). Zen Mama outdid herself this month 🙂 – will have to really think about what will do these beauties justice…

WG April Club Goodies Zen String March Clubs


Ta Dah! Still blue but no longer stalled out…. “Wicked” by the gals at Zephyrstyle and worked in Zen String’s worsted Bambewe.

Mods included the pocket construction, using the 2×2 crossover rib at the hem and on the pocket edges and tapering the sleeves slightly.

Very happy with the result, just need to see if I like the finished result on me… if not, my Mum was admiring the handpainted colours and it would definitely look cute on her.

It feels so good to have actually finished something and I am somewhat more inspired to dust off some of those WIP’s :).

Finished Wicked On v. 2

How it looks on…

Coming Along

Swirl Interrupted

Here’s the progress on my Sockamania socks, “Simply Love”. These are this month’s commute project and will do mulit-duty for a couple sock clubs, as I’m still knitting away on “The Stole of Doom”. That should be done in a couple weeks – I just have so little time to knit! I have some progress on my daily commute sock, now about half-way through the 2nd one. The yarn is Lanas Puras Melosa fingering – it’s like a fingering weight Malabrigo :).

Not much else, happening. A new position at work has upped the stress (in a good way) and the home front is “same as it ever was”. The bedroom wallpaper marathon is still ongoing – who’s the idiot who bought not-drystrippable paper?!

We are all on a “live with less stuff” kick (like the TV show) and I have been sorting through closets and files and piles and you name it. I had no idea just how much had accumulated over the years, the forgotten and the overly-sentimental. I really don’t need to keep all my concert tees, do I? Or tax returns from the 80’s? So, we are getting a jump start on Spring cleaning.

Just an observation – I LOVE Ravelry, it’s informative, fun and a great organizational tool. But, has it meant the death of blogging? By the time I do my thing over their, I really don’t feel like updating here at PSPRP or the sock club blogs (most of which are duplicated on the Ravelry site anyway). I almost never have time to “visit” friends’ blogs the way I used to, and I notice very few stop by here anymore. Anyone else finding same?

Yarn Pr0N, there has been some, most on my Flickr page, but here is the latest:

January Girl I Want Candy

And, the Not-yarn Pr0n:

New Dishes!

That’s it folks! Have a good weekend :).

So Far This Week…

The Mystery of the Fuschia Sock Socktopia Mystery Sock… revealed!

I made an executive decision to go ahead and finish these. I used a toe that Momma Monkey commonly uses, so hopefully they will be true to the spirit of the pattern. And, I needed the needles.

Sunshine Tank and Chevron Scarf are still on the go – a little more each week. I alternate these for my work commute.

I have started a lovely lace project that I’m doing for an online shop. Here’s a peek at the first bit. And I’ve been working on a new sock pattern for my little shop.

Vogue PatternsKB Designs
And the first of my September sock clubs arrived this week. Seems like the August ones just got here! Here are Zen String and Pick Up Sticks. Hopefully, the others will arrive soon – the mail seems to have been particularly unreliable lately.

The Zen of Reflection Serendipity The Gatineau Hills Captured

It’s A Long Weekend – More Knitting Time!

It seems like I haven’t finished anything in a long while, but here’s one done at last. For the Socktopia April theme of “Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?”

These were knit up in Scout’s Swag “Fruit Salad”, a simple wrn cable (yarn over cable). I’m making some excellent progress on my Zen sock, and another somewhat lacey one in Spritely
Goods Fey fingering – forgot to take a picture, though!

I think the pink and green in these will qualify for a Project Spectrum FO, as well :).

I finished my “Monkey Socks” a few weeks ago, but haven’t been the most inspired with my blogging, so while I’m feeling chipper, pithy and all that, here is a picture of the finished pair.

I know I’ve already raved about the Zen String yarn (this was a club colour) but I have to again. The “Bambewe” is so heavenly to knit with, great stitch definition, glowy sheen. I have a chocolate cherry colour on the way, and I can’t wait for it to get here.

I do have, more Yarn Pr0n this week. And hopefully, my Book Pr0n will arrive soon to use some of this up :)!

I did finally buy More Sensational Knitted Socks, I love the template format, it’s so easy to use. I have a couple of lace books coming and Favourite Socks from Interweave too.

I may soon find it hard to live up to my own Yarn Pr0n Goddess status – ’cause if DH sees one more squishy packet in the mail, I may be in trouble! Here’s what I was able to sneak into the house…

Left are the few skeins I couldn’t resist (details if you click the picture). And on the right, my sock club packets. The top one is my last installment from Sundara Yarns Petals Collection (the club is continuing, but in a slightly different format). The lower one is my first Loopy Sock Club and definitely not the last! Both are just fabulous (you can click this one for details too).

Things are brightening up here, the new job contract is going well and DS may have decided that life is worth grabbing onto after all. Thank goodness for knitting, best stress-reliever I know of!

OOps! Forgot My Post Title…

Started work on my April Pick-Up-Sticks club sock. I opted to go with a different pattern, really liking how this is going so far.

No picture, but I’m to the gusset of my “Orange You Glad…” socks and have started another semi-lacy pair in some beautiful Spritely Goods Fey in one of the limited colourways – should have a picture soon.

My April Zen String Club arrived a couple days ago and is beautiful (picture below).

Can’t wait to start something with this – it’s 100% merino with a nice tight twist, my favourite :).

And I couldn’t resist some new colours in Zen Yarn Garden and Spritely Goods (limited edition SG), just ’cause a girl can never have too much stash!