Make It Monday

I’ve done it again… It may be time to admit that my rebel ways sometimes annoy me!

I’ve run out of yarn just as the end is in sight for my ‘Smoke Rings‘ shawl… SMH. I did think it was possible but leaped ahead anyway. Oh well, an opportunity to start something else while I wait to hear back from a fellow Rav’r about buying details.

Smoke Rings so far:

Smoke Rings shawl. Project #2 for National Crochet Month

Smoke Rings shawl. Project #2 for National Crochet Month

My third project for National Crochet Month 2016 will be ‘Ile d’Ecosse‘, another pattern by Hélène Marcy for Annette Petavy Design. I was so impressed with the instructions for ‘Armorique‘, I found myself looking specifically for another of Hélène’s patterns. This is another stashbuster and another salvage project; the yarn I’m using is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine – it seems I had a ‘thing’ for this yarn! – formerly of ‘Concetta’ cardigan configuration, I’ll return to ‘Concetta’ another time, we simply fell out of love, lol! The colourway is almost impossible to photograph accurately, a deep midnight blue with rich purple highlights, I’ve ordered some 8/0 Toho beads to embellish the border.

On the finished with no drama front – wait, there’s no such thing in this post! On the finished with the same drama front (I’m a slow learner or a fearless daredevil), ‘Laidley‘ shawl is finally finished too. I’m so glad to have this done and I think it’ll be added to my shop when I update next.

Laidley’s portfolio:

Must get to work! I hope Monday treats you all gently 🙂

Suffering Startitis

I seem to have ‘outstarted’ myself in the last week. This is common for me – the ADD, OCD, creative-type thing. Everything I picked up and cast on but almost immediately, went sour. Kind of how I imagine a bad first date would be. Part of it is being committed to working from my stash and if you’ve seen my Ravelry stash, you’ll understand why. Despite the size and variety, I wasn’t getting the ‘THIS!’ feeling from anything. I decided that maybe a new pattern would be the ticket and purchased a couple including, Wolfberry Knits ‘Metallicus‘ tee. It was the cure!

A new pattern, some old stash and I have a cute tee shirt ready to go for when spring arrives here. I used up some Nashua Creative Focus Linen in pale teal and am really pleased with the finished project.


Some of the survivors from the ‘startitis’ frenzy are two hexi-type stashbuster blankets. I love this pattern and that it can be worked modularly like the uber-popular ‘Sock Yarn Blanket’ from the Heathen Housewife. I have a vast amount of leftovers as well as stash and this project is great for commute knitting. The blue hued one is sock weight and the purple one is worsted. I’m working on a modified ‘Sothia‘ shawl in some old and much-loved Zen String. All of which keep me from my true dream of singing karaoke down at the pub and being ‘discovered’!

Modified Sothia shawl

Modified Sothia shawl

Luna Saturniinae ~ More Fuzzy

And the best score evah! Jordana Paige bags at almost 70% off. What’s a girl to do?
Well obviously, get two! 🙂

Knit / Crochet bags by Jordana Paige. The 'Cora' in Lavender and Dove Grey.

Knit / Crochet bags by Jordana Paige. The ‘Cora’ in Lavender and Dove Grey.

Winter Is Coming… Knit Faster!

I have some lovely Bulky and Chunky weight still kicking around and won’t be using it this season. There is enough of each of these lots to make at least a scarf and I’d love if they went to a home where they’ll be used up. All details can be found by clicking the link to my Ravelry Sale page. As always, if anyone purchases two or more lots, I will share the cost of the calculated shipping cost. If you have any questions, feel free to PM or to message me on Ravelry.

KarinB’s Stash for Sale Page <

©Karin Bole Tupper

Winter is coming… Knit scarves!

A Drive-by Blog

It’s glorious hot here, sunshiney too and I’m spending time doing knitting but outdoors where I can enjoy my garden – though the weeds are massive bad right now on the brick patio and I’m trying a natural remedy. Pics to come if it works.

I’m taking a little break from the pattern writing, it’s hard to concentrate on a screen at this time of year and I’m working on some stashbusting shawls.

The Cerulean & Chalcedony is trying to kill me with all this evil garter stitch but I’ve just reached the 2nd section where I begin to alternate with the coordinating colour. This should at least, keep me awake! I love everything else about this pattern, so simple, so fast (except for the sleeping part, lol!)

My second shawl is “Over The Willamette” and I’ll have to come up with a catchy name. I’m using some ancient Schaefer Anne and liking how it’s going. This is another pattern with quite a bit of repetition in the early part but I know it’ll be worthwhile. I went up a hook size to compensate how a mohair blend looks “fatter” due to the wisps. The strand itself is comparable to the Tosh used in the pattern but could probably even take a 4.00mm to suit other’s taste for an even more open look. I like the fabric I’m getting on the 3.75mm and I think this’ll block like a dream. Debating adding a repeat or two as the mileage is much greater for the Anne.

WIP-ies (WIP selfies):

WIP's for July

WIP’s for July

Friday, You’re My Favourite

Two FO’s this week, yay! “Plum Delphiniums” worked up crazy fast and the do over pattern for “Les Cloches Cannelées” is complete and sent. It sounds odd to say, but I really like the new format. I agonized over layout and font, thank goodness my daughter is a Graphic Designer! I’m fairly skilled, for a layperson but I like to have her professional thumbs up when it’s done.

I felt a little bereft after that. I could finish writing a couple patterns that just need a bit of polish to publish and I could tackle some of the eleventy-million WIP’s that I have but… I started something new! :p

Kristen Kapur’s “Duane Park Triangle” has been in my queue for a while now, just waiting for me to unbury the right yarn for it. Yup, still shopping the stash and very glad too! I found to Zen String beauties from the 2009 club.

I may have been one of the biggest fans of Angelina’s Zen String and Wildflower Whimsy yarns. We co-admin’d on the Ravelry page and I am sorry that the pitfalls that caused the end of several talented Indie dyers of the early 2000’s, happened to her. I still have six banker’s boxes of her yarns, skeins like sardines, and much not Ravel’d, so I’m glad that this never-ending unpack, organize, repack, donate… thing yielded a great fit for DPT.

Easy peasy summer knitting, this is my Chalcedony & Cerulean:


FO Friday :)

I just realized how badly misinterpreted that post title could be by knitting muggles…

Alas, they shall have to remain uninitiated :p

I wrapped up the prototype for “Filigree” today and am mostly happy with it. I’m going to tweak a thing or two for the testknit. I reclaimed some Handmaiden Camelspin in the rose garden colourway for the that. I’m looking forward to knitting it all over again!

My Lazy Ripple is done too, so lazy that I’m not going to block it. It’s lazy because there weren’t formal row counts. This was meant totally for stashbusting and so I used every bit of all the skeins. I like how it came out and I hope there’ll be some babies show up in my circle to gift it to 🙂

Photos of both:


Man! This catchy title thing is hard!

No FO’s today. I’m squirrelling away at a prototype for a new pattern and working a stashbusting pram blanket. My fingers have been giving me hell, so the blanket is crochet, just to break up the repetitive motion.

Just a wee peek at both and then I’m back at it: