My Tour de France shawl continues to progress, work eats up a lot of my knitting time but I’m pleased with it so far. I’m no longer questioning my sanity in pairing a variegated yarn with a lace pattern. There was method to my madness but in the early bit, I wondered if I wasn’t going too far out of my aesthetic comfort zone. Happy to say that now that I’m working the portion where there are long panels mostly comprised of stocking stitch, my reason for choosing the Malabrigo, I’m liking it better. I should have some photos soon, now that there is a pattern shift, it looks more like there’s been progress made 🙂


Day Three of the Tour de France KAL has Chart C completed and a good start on Chart D. I’ve been working some crochet squares in my Autumn Cascade and got the bones down for a new scarf pattern. I should have another sock pattern ready to go on Ravelry and Craftsy very shortly.

It was a busy and fun Canada Day weekend here and makes for a shorter work week, yay! I do have a few pictures to share but will update with those later today.

Have a good week everyone!


Going through the many boxes of yarn. I don’t exaggerate to say I could open a small shop. Some nice surprises. It’s amazing how that out-of-sight-out-of-mind thing works. I’m taking the time to put them on Ravelry and try to make sure that the projects I purchased them for are noted. Quite the job! Time to admit that bulky and chunky will never be my first choice and so the destash tab is getting a healthy boost and I hope to gain a little real estate to better organize my craft room. Working away on my various WIP’s and some other crafty projects. Really enjoying getting the hang of Instagram. I have a few photos under that icon here on the page. I updated “Vintage PSPRP” to include a jewellery page as well. Slow but sure, getting it all organized. 🙂

What Do YOU think?

Some of you who come here and read regularly may have differing views about what I post. I am grateful that we have many things in common and this is a fun place for me to post my work and thoughts and that for the most part, we have fun and nurture the creative spirit. This woman and her ugly negativity, have left me unable to not pose the question:

What are your thoughts on this person’s remarks on my last Friday post?

Personally, I would never dream of going to a complete stranger, or anyone for that matter blog and making this kind of pronouncement about something they had posted.

Quite frankly, I think it shows poor taste and lack of manners. Like going to their blog and saying you think their home furnishings are ugly or that their children look abused.

If you don’t like what you see, move along. You don’t know me and have no right to judge. Just because this is the internet does NOT give you the right to impose your OPINION – which, for the record does not make it common sense. The world is not your soapbox.

Sincerely, Mother of two + two others, responsible pet owner and pet foster home for decades


Shameless plug as my poetry & writing blog is not currently up and running.

Nothing to do with knitting other than, I sometimes do both hobbies at the same time!

I do write short stories and poetry and I have books available for sale on iTunes, at Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Amazon.

I promise there will be knitting content before the weekend is through 🙂


A little bit of blog tidy up today.

A little bit of blog tidy up today.

I’ve moved my 2006 about and the swag page to a new tab called “Vintage PSPRP”, just to keep it all together. I’ll be adding more from the old blog there as time permits, mostly the photos of the other handwork that I do, including counted cross stitch and handmade jewellery.

A tab for stores and resources that I like as well as a tab with photos or links to my destash page should be coming soon too.

Test Knitter Wanted

I’m looking for an intrepid soul to be a test knitter for one of my sock designs. If interested, please comment. This is best knit in a sock weight or 4-ply  and something with a bit of sheen, a tencel or bamboo blend is perfect. The original yarn a merino / tencel blend, came from an Indie dyer who is no longer in the business.

Random Thought…

I would love… like, crazy, stupid love if the industry standard for knit and crochet patterns was to include the  “Negative Ease” measurement.

I’m actually more inclined to buy or make a pattern that includes it. Knowing the modelled size is great too. I think there’d be a lot more happy endings for some projects if Knitters knew that one piece of information before casting on.