Yarn Jargon

Fibre folk use a lot of jargon. I’d got out of the habit in the year that my blogging was so minimal but it is all coming back and is a big part of how a Knitter or Crocheter writes about their work. On spec that there may be non-knitters who find their way to this page, I’ve started this page of Knit / Crochet blogging terminology here and will probably add the British and U.S. terms used for construction later.

Starting with the most used terms: Some of these are just standard blogspeak…

FO = Finished Object

UFO = Unfinished Object

WIP = Work In Progress

DD = Darling Daughter

DS = Dear Son

DH = Dear Husband (also: SO = Significant Other, The Beau, Etc.)

Yarn P0rn = yummy yarn pictures with a non-spam inducing “zero”. Also seen elsewhere as “Yarn Pr0n”

KIP = Knit In Public

KAL = Knit A Long

MKAL = Mystery Knit A Long

CAL  = Crochet Along (aka: HAL = Hook Along)

Cardi = Cardigan

Pulli = Pullover, aka: jumper

Startitis = beginning one project before completing another. Multiply by the individual’s creative incentive and / or stash temptation.

Terms I made up or expanded upon 🙂:

PSPRP = Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl

DDDitto = Darling Daughter that did not cause stretch marks

DSDitto = Darling Son that did not cause stretch marks

Llama Daddy = like a Sugar Daddy but even better than cash, he understands about cashmere!

Fibre Muggle = The people who don’t knit, crochet, tat or spin. Sometimes overheard saying “I wish I had time to knit”, “Can you make something for me?” and “Maybe when I get older…”

Tension = what American knitters know as “gauge”. However, I think this:

It's good for relieving me... tension.

It’s good for relieving my… tension.

is more than sufficient reason to use “British” terminology 😉

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